Life By Design: The Manifestation Formula. Do-It-Yourself EXPERIENCE

In this course, I'll share everything I've learned to help you:

✷ Understand the steps to co-create/manifest your life

✷ Identify fears and false beliefs that holds you back and rewire to your Divine truth.

✷ Release the beliefs that are causing frustration, procrastination and sub-par results.

✷ Turn the skill of Manifesting into a Superpower. 

✷ Prioritization of your schedule for intentional living.

✷ Increase the confidence to fully immerse yourself in the action needed for the dream to become your reality.


Deanna Herrin is an International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Spiritual Psychology Coach and Podcast Host. Her speaking topics include: Subconscious Reprogramming, Unveiling Your Confidence, Creating an Abundant Mindset, Pivot to Purpose, and more! 

She has spent the past two decades as a top earner and leader in social selling. As an accomplished entrepreneur, she’s worked with thousands of female entrepreneurs growing + scaling businesses. She has 24 years building teams and helping women change the beliefs holding them back. Deanna has created multiple 6+ figure businesses to become a 7-figure entrepreneur.

As a Certified Spiritual Psychology Coach, Deanna helps women uncover the false beliefs playing in the subconscious mind and reprogram the thoughts to truth. The truth of who you're created to be, become and impact. The awareness of these faulty belief systems changes the trajectory of your personal growth by quantum leaps. This work affects your relationships with: career, money, love, family, and spirituality. 

From Physician's Assistant to Entrepreneur to Spiritual Psychology coach, Deanna is always evolving and growing teaching women how to pivot to purpose.

She published 2 books in 2022 : “Unbecoming: A Journey to Finding Her”, published 2-22-22, which went Bestseller in 5 categories and was featured in national television networks. “Living a Legacy”, a co-authored book, went Bestseller in 7 categories. You can hear her podcast, Limitless Podcast, on iTunes and other platforms. 

Certified in: Spiritual Psychology, e4© Trauma Method, Hypnobreathwork




You will walk away knowing how to set a vision that truly aligns with you. I teach you how to define your vision, prioritize it, and create a plan to leave behind the areas of your life that do not move you closer to your dream life.



I help you identify barriers that are keeping you from your goals and how much they are really costing you financially, emotionally, physically, and beyond. You'll uncover what's getting in your way and how to name the gap between what you want and where you are now.



We all have faulty beliefs that we internalize as truth — even when they are so far from the truth! I guide you to identify the stories you’re telling yourself and how to release them so you can create room for your most aligned and fulfilled self.


We are CONSTANTLY manifesting, but most people are not aware of what they are creating.

Your reality is defined by your thoughts and what you believe💭

This is just ONE piece of the Manifestation Formula. In this self-paced program, work through 6 modules teaching you how to begin manifesting your best life!

The Manifestation Formula was created to help you understand the process and aid you in becoming the conscious creator that you ARE!

Our subconscious thoughts are formed by the age of 7. Our belief system is created through our experiences and interpretation of our circumstances. 

In this workshop, we bring awareness of the beliefs that don't serve your goals, dreams keeping you from creating the life you desire. In our 12 hours together, you will create your truth, the real story and gain the tools to live it out. 

This program is limited to 10 clients per session.

Developing an abundant mindset is an important step in creating success and abundance in our lives. By implementing my "Daily Four", you can create a more positive outlook and stay motivated, focused on your goals and mentally prepared for any curve balls that might come your way. Additionally, it is important to recognize the good in our lives and to capitalize on the windows of possibility that come our way. With an abundant mindset, we can create more success and abundance in our lives.

In this completely customized program, we will work together to identify what negative thoughts and beliefs are suppressing you, heal those areas of vulnerability, and create a clear path towards stepping into your true power.


My Best-Selling Book

Unbecoming gives the tools to take on the pursuit of unlocking the traps keeping you from becoming HER. With personal stories of my journey finding the real me and the tools that aided my healing. Enjoy journaling prompts, guided meditation, and breathwork. It's time to step into your greatness, let’s navigate this journey together.

This book will plant seeds. Or better yet, it’ll give you a spade to dig out the rocks that are destroying the garden of your mind so you can transplant the stories, insecurities and beliefs that are holding you back and serving no one else.

It’s time to heal ourselves, our families, communities, and this beautiful world we live in. If you feel like you’ve been on a never-ending quest to find that thing that will provide you happiness, peace, and joy, it’s time to come home to yourself, and Unbecoming will give you the tools to unlock the door."

I’m Here For You

I believe in you and want you to win!

Let’s work together!