DEANNA’s Story

Today I am strong.

I am confident.

I have a firm identity in Christ.

I have found overwhelming success in business.

My marriage is thriving and I’m humbled by the amazing young adults my kids are becoming.

But when I stop and think about the person I am today, I can hardly reconcile it with the person I “should have become” based on the experiences of my childhood. See I was raised in a broken home (that actually “broke” more than once). I was raised on hand-me-downs, free lunch tickets, food pantries, and I attended 10 different schools in 8 years because we hopped from apartment to apartment. I didn’t have a relationship with my biological father. My step-dad, the man I called Dad and loved deeply was out of my life by the time I was 12. And by the time I became a teenager I had no identity in anything other than my fluctuating, unhealthy circumstances.

This is a brief picture of my beginning, but it’s not my whole story. Because I also abused alcohol at a young age and underwent loss and unimaginable tragedy. But hear this: throughout all of these trials God put people in my life who shined bright. He gave me angels along my path of brokenness. People who went out of their way to serve and encourage me; people who pushed me out of my negative thoughts and actions and challenged me to rewrite my story.

So here we are.

Through small acts of obedience, goal-setting and discipline, I rewrote my story, the story God had designed from the beginning. I became a strong, successful woman. I have created a life I deserve from my hard work and perseverance in business, real estate and investments. I’m humbled that I’m now blessed with the opportunity to lead women who also want to rewrite their stories.


"Mind Your Mind: Overcoming Negative Beliefs"