Success is not based solely on your education, your IQ, your gifts or your talents. If you look at high level achievers like Warren Buffet, Carrie Underwood, and Serena and Venus Williams, they all have something in common: GRIT If you look up the word grit, it means: courage and resolve; strength of character. It’s a stick-to-it-ness that stops at nothing.  In greater detail, grit is:
  1. A growth mindset…believing your talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others
  2. Knowing that your journey is the PRACTICE you need to reach your goal…Your journey WILL NOT look exactly like you imagined. Use the twists, turns, and hurdles as opportunities to learn, change and grow
  3. Allowing nothing to get in the way…Self-doubt, doubt projected from others, push-back; all things that will likely try to stand in your way; but you don’t let them. You press on.
  4. Perseverance and stamina…You try and try again. You don’t pass the test the first time, so you study harder and take it again-and again-if that’s what needs to happen.
  5. Staying in the game and getting back up…Michael Jordan didn’t cry every time he missed a basket. He used the “misses” to light the fire within and make the next one
  6. Believing your setbacks aren’t permanent…Failing at something doesn’t mean you’re bad at it or that it’s the end of the road. Failing means a chance to learn and perhaps pivot a bit.
  7. Believing your goals for the future will happen …In order to achieve your goals, you have to believe in them with all your heart. You have to KNOW they are achievable and that you WILL achieve them.
  8. Rolling up your sleeves and getting it done…It’s waking up early, planning and managing your time and constantly checking things off your list.
  9. It’s doing what most people don’t like to do. …So much work towards your goal will be stuff you don’t like to do. But you have to do it anyway and do it well.
There have been so many times on my journey when I’ve been knocked down and felt defeated. But my WHY was stronger than the setback. So now that I’ve shared what grit IS, I’d like to offer two mindset shifts to get you gritty:
  1. Decision-making
  2. Letting go of others’ opinions
First, you have to decide… -Not to quit, no matter what.  -Not to make excuses. -Make needed changes in your life -To WIN -To do whatever it takes -To be ALL in -To face your fears and fall forward into them And most importantly, you must decide that you are worthy of the goal, the income, the lifestyle, the freedoms, etc. Then you have to let go of others’ opinions of you: The fear that comes with the opinions of others will keep you small -Be willing to grow and not be liked, because you can’t have both -Learn to deal with the opinions and judgements of others:
  • Is it true you can’t succeed?
  • What people say about you is a reflection of their own deepest fears and insecurities
  • Live the life you want and not the life someone else expects of you; parents, friends, etc.
  • You can’t make an impact when you are worried what other people think.
  • There will be people that won’t get you-those who don’t understand my drive or my “what’s next?” attitude.
For a while I kept myself from jumping into my podcast and writing my book in fear of what people would think if I fail. But guess what I decided?
  • It’s not about me
  • I am in love with the chase!
  • I can’t wait for life to “happen”
  • I no longer care what people think
  • I won’t give up
You are a contributor, not a sideliner. You are created to contribute, but you are keeping yourself on the sidelines. Fly, soar, jump!  What’s the worst that will happen? You will fall…but it doesn’t matter because you will get back up again. Be genuine in who you are. When you know who you are, you become unstoppable. There will be people who won’t believe in you…no problem, YOU BELIEVE IN YOU. Do what you are called to do!! Not everyone will understand. Not everyone will approve. Not everyone will applaud. Not everyone will affirm. Not everyone will celebrate. Not everyone will support. Not everyone will stay. Not everyone will encourage. Do what you are called to do! I believe in you! I will wipe your tears and wrap my arms around you. When you fall, I will pick you up. Why? I am on a mission for you to see the beautiful, creative, passionate woman God created you to be! YOU ARE A GRIT GIRL! Never give up. Get back in the game. Decide you’re going for it, and don’t stop living your life based on the opinions of others. Now go and do it!