In reflecting on my journey, I’ve learned that all of the relationships I’ve been in have either spurred me on towards positive change and development or have held me back and led to stagnant lifelessness. So I want to share a bit about the positive relationships I cherish because each kind is essential to my growth in unique ways.

#1: Jesus

The most important life giving relationship along my journey is the one I have with Jesus. I spend time with Him daily. I am quiet, and I listen to where He leads me. He nudges me towards my own story and deepens my understanding of who He is and WHO I AM. A few years ago God nudged me in a super scary direction. He told me it was time to share my story, full stage. This is where my book comes in. The process of writing my book, my story, is the direct result of my relationship with God. He quite literally stopped me in the middle of my day and told me it was time to share. And let me tell you, without a strong relationship with Jesus, without listening to Him DAILY, I would be living a stagnant life. He grounds me, He makes my goals make sense, and He covers me with peace and joy.

#2 Family

The 2nd most important relationship in my life is with my husband. We have been married for 28 years and now are empty nesters. For any two people to manage making it through the high’s and low’s in a marriage, it’s a true miracle. It’s a message of commitment and we have learned so many lessons over the years. The hardest years for us by far were the 18 years raising our children. Now listen, we have amazing children; they were not the hard part! The difficulty for us was the constant busyness–our own careers, kid’s activities, house upkeep, finances, etc. It’s easy to lose sight of your marriage relationship if you don’t make it a priority and FOCUS on it first and most importantly.

#3 Framily

Friends that are Family
When I was younger, I thought I needed lots of friends in my life in order to feel happy. But as I’ve matured, worked in several different business arenas and had kids of my own, I’ve learned that the quantity of friends isn’t what matters…but the QUALITY is essential.

I’ve been blessed to “know” so many people over my lifetime. I do have a lot of GREAT friends; people who fill me up, whom I love to spend time with and who cheer me on. But…

I have less than five people that I truly allow into my heart.

It’s important to have relationships that are completely open; completely free of judgment. I need a handful of genuine people who know they have their “stuff” and don’t dare judge me for my stuff.

I have three people in my life that are my TRUTH TELLERS.

I can call them at any time and talk through situations I’m facing. These truth tellers either affirm me or tell me I am being ridiculous, and we come up with a solution TOGETHER. These sacred relationships are based on years of continual nurturing, exercising trust, and learning into one another.

The relationships we nurture truly shape us. Over the years I have had to do the hard work of pruning the relationships that were toxic, the ones that ultimately functioned opposite of my goals and desires. And that’s ok. By choosing to foster those relationships that help me grow, learn and thrive, I am spurred along and encouraged to continually grow more and more into the person I was meant to be all along.